Scout Leader Anthony Franklin, Sr., Past Director, AAMES

This is my story on why Scouting changed my life forever.

Society today is stuck on self-dominance, and not on what is truly needed to be focused on this generation, and totally neglect what’s best for generations of the future. The real focus should come with plans and investments, creating the path of learning on how to equip youth for the future. 

The legacy we give to our youth are the examples of our commitment for dedicated change. Youth leaders are greatly needed now, just as they were needed in the past.

I truly believe that the following changed my life. When I was a young 2nd grader, a group of boys bullied me every day. I had to walk over a mile to and from school. Those bullies waited for me 2 blocks from the school and took my milk money for 3 months. I broke down one day and told my teacher what was going on. The principal of the school, Mr. Scott, got word of what was going on and called the Bullies and myself to the principal’s office. That took care of the problem. That is why we need to pay attention to children. 

Fast forward to 5th grade, at Garrison Elementary School, located in Centerville, Illinois (Fire Works Station), when one of my teachers asked me to be a Patrol Crossing Boy, and told me he thought I would be good for the job. That really helped my self-esteem.

The next year my 6th grade teacher, Mr. Thomas Fagan, asked me to join the Boy Scouts. Being introduced to scouting allowed me to be introduced to a positive life experience. My life was changed because someone paid enough attention to a little boy, who at one point thought he had no hope. I thank those individuals.

Pay attention to the children and encourage them with positive motivation. 

By the way I do not support abuse of anyone.

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