The following are guidelines for nomination and selection of the Bishop’s Award of Excellence recipients. These suggestions are offered as a guide only; they are indicative of some of the kinds of things that the nominator and selection committee should be looking for. Accomplishment and sustained dedication are more significant than a specific number of years of service to the AME Church, Scouting ministry, or other youth servicing agency/organization.

  • Promoting the religious emblems programs for AME youths or serving as a counselor or mentor. Encouraging non-AME youths to participate in the religious emblem programs of their faith through P.R.A.Y. Publication and/or other scouting associations.
  • Giving notable service in promoting Youth and Young Adult activities (i.e., Church School Conventions, Youth Congresses, Black Heritage Weekends, Self-Denial Week, retreats, etc.) and service and mission projects for the church and being willing to serve on committees for those purposes.
  • Actively participating in and promoting AAMES Camporees, Episcopal Camporees, Merit Badge Universities/Fairs/Workshops and/or GSUSA Badge Workshop sponsored by AAMES and/or an AME-Chartered Scouting unit.
  • Giving notable service in organizing and maintaining AME-chartered Scouting units including multiple units where needed.
  • Arranging opportunities for Scout’s Own or Interfaith worship services at camporees and summer camps. Encouraging AME Scouts to organize, participate in and promote Scout Sunday experiences. Encourage AME youth to support Scout Shabbat and/or Scout Jumuah.
  • Length of service and level of involvement will be considered for each criterion.
  • Using the Christian Recorder, Journal of Christian Education, A.M.E. Review, Missionary Magazine, and other communications media to create a better understanding of the aims and ideals of Scouting as a youth ministry.
  • Educating clergy and laity about Scouting as a youth as a youth ministry in the AME Church.
  • Giving leadership in promoting Scouting for all youths regardless of race or creed. Helping organize Scouting units for inner city and rural youth.
  • Giving notable service and leadership in other national/international youth servicing agencies/organizations.
  • FOR YOUTH (at least one of the following):
    • attain the rank of Eagle, Summit, or Quartermaster (BSA); Gold (GSUSA); Patriot (AHG); or earn the WeHeLo Award (Camp Fire).
    • provide extraordinary community service, over a substantial period of time, to a particular agency or several agencies/organizations.
    • attain academic achievement in a S.T.E.M. related field that garners local, statewide, national, or international acclaim and be a member in good and regular standing in the AME Church.
    • organize and lead a youth mission project in an inner-city or rural area of the United States or in a foreign country.

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